I know I’ve been slacking

I want to apologize for my lack of updates lately. I hope you don’t take my quiet as a sign of inactivity I ASSURE you it’s quite the opposite! MANY new interesting things are on the horizon, and in the next few short weeks, an actual website will be up and running (about time I know). I’ve been working on some large scale works and many pieces that are long in their realization (what can I say, art is a process) in short-things are happening fast and furious round these parts- even though they seem slow and some what depressed.
I will depart for now with this very good news:
I was approached for inclusion to the 5th annual Imagine Science Film festival in New York, and will have the opportunity to screen Amygdala in front of many great scientific minds (and their fans). I’m honored to be included and hope some of you will be able to enjoy the whole event.

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