STOP MOTION taking over!!

Incase you live under a rock (which I doubt you do because you are now reading this) you have hopefully noticed that in the past month or so 3 yes 3 feature length stop motion films have come to U.S. theaters. Enjoy these trailers, and hopefully go see the real thing on the big screen!
First up: Laika- ParaNorman

I mean really-Zombies, and misunderstood social outcasts? How can you not empathize?! Seriously it was beautiful, the animation flawless, and the story relevant and touching. Bravo Laika!

Second in line:Toys in the Attic

Jiri Barta (the Czech animator!!) brings us this feature utilizing his skills in object animation. I’ve always been a fan of Bartas work, and was surprised that he had a theatrical release here in the States. Love the textures of the objects, and the unconventional aesthetic he brings to the screen (well, I guess it COULD be considered conventional in regards to the history of Stop Mo..but I can go on that diatribe forever).

Last but certainly not least: FrankenWeenie from Tim Burton

what can I say, it was great! A throwback to his upbringing on classic Monster films / meets a stoy about acceptance and love. In my humble opinion, I liked it just as much as Nightmare- and that’s all I’ll say so as not to ruin it for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.

Now- go to the movies!!

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