Breast Prosthetic

A few months ago- I was approached by a photographer that I have met on a few occasions, to make a squirting prop for a photo shoot she was doing. She explained what she was looking for, to which I told her ” I’ve never made one before, sure why not.”

Sooooo, not knowing a thing about what I was doing..I did a lot of looking around, and gave it a shot. I’ll post pictures after the cut so you can see the process and the final product.  It MAY not be “safe for work.” However, if you’re at work…why are you reading my blog (hide the kids)?

 So AFTER taking an alginate casing of the models needed anatomy, I built up clay AFTER running a tube (that will hook up to a syringe) across the plaster positive (image above of the rough build up).

then came the shaping and clean up, some texture application blah blah, until it looked like what I started with.


 I then made a plaster sombrero..wait, no I made a mold of the build up

Then took the clay of the original plaster positive (I know it’s confusing, but remember I don’t know what I’m doing, so explaining it throughly is totally out of the question). After cleaning the clay off, I have two parts of a mold that fit together with a space between them where the clay had previously been. This gives us a void to fill with silicone. So I again ran the tubing across the plaster positive, and filled the mold with silicone.

WAAAAAA-LA! After pulling the silicone from the mold, it’s time to clean up the flashing (those edges), and take it to the shoot.

This is the result of my efforts, (the appliance not the photograph) not bad for a first timer. As this is a little off my chosen path of sculpture, it was a fun and challenging project, and I had a good 3 days working it out. Sure it probably could have gone smoother, but it was a good learning experience.  Make up appliances are for an entirely different breed of obsessive compulsives than character sculptors. Special thanks to Rose M. Barron for her image, go check out her other work, she’s quite talented!

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