The Time Machine

I recently read the Time Machine by H.G. Wells for the first time, followed by the George Pal movie (another first). I loved the book and it’s message, but was honestly a bit let down by the movie. Before you start yelling at me, let me explain.. I’m a fan of George Pal (I mean really how can you NOT be) and though he won awards for his special effects on the film (hello stop mo) I was really upset it wasn’t a puppet film. SO I did what anyone would do- I envisioned a puppet version, and made an Eloi and Morlock maquette based on my readings.

Battle Royale!

The annual Dia De Los Muertos show at Young Blood Gallery is probably one of favorite group shows to participate in. I tend to stick with the folk art aspect with Dia De Los Muertos pieces, but with my own flair.  How can you NOT love Luchadors? It sold pretty quickly, so at least someone else shared my enthusiasm.